Designed for an all-over body massage. This elegant massager has a powerful motor and a hidden secret!

Nalone have introduced the technology of Electro Magnetic Pulse into the head. This produces an intense micro current which stimulates your most sensitive nerve endings to heighten sensation levels.

Key product features:
Silicone and metal combine to send waves of powerful vibration and electric pulses to intimate spots and tired muscles for a whole new level of stimulation. With Electro Magnetic Pulse technology, this wand vibrator leads the way in innovative pleasure.

A USB rechargeable vibrator with travel-friendly proportions, the Nalone electro wand also contains dual motors and the unique addition of Electro Magnetic Pulse technology for exciting thrills.

Key features:
– Electro Magnetic Pulse technology
– 7 stimulation modes in handle
– 7 stimulation modes in the head
– Dual motors
– Super-smooth silicone over ABS core
– Ergonomic design
– Fully waterproof
– Rechargeable vibrator
– Presented in a beautiful satin lined box
– Includes USB cable and drawstring storage bag

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