Revolutionary stroking technology, with a soft moist inner sleeve that feels like someone is riding you.

In the real world – you can’t always have sex when you want. Even though you might be a black-belt with your own hand, it’s always more satisfying having it done for you. That’s why we created SayberX.

For revolutionary automatic satisfaction.

Super powered male sexs simulator that actually feels like sex. Enjoy on your own, or be stroked by anyone via the app or with a motion tracking ring from anywhere. The soft, flesh-like inner chamber strokes you up-and-down automatically, delivering the closest feeling to real sex that you can get on your own.
– Warning: the sex is simulated, the orgasms are real!
– Simulates real sex
– Soft inside that rides you up and down
– Ultra realistic motion
– Built to last
– Unlimited power. No batteries or charging – EVER! Plugs into the wall.

The Motion Tracking X-Ring is sold seperately (E28668).

About the SayberX app
– Free Download from App Store / Google play
– Works with iOS/ANDROID phones or Tablets with bluetooth 4.0
– Pairs with “SayberX” (Masturbator) and the Unique “X-Ring” (Motion tracking remote control)
– Let your “SayberX” be controlled (Faster/slower) by connecting to anyone, anywhere. anytime in (real time).
– Connect with an X-Ring user and have your SayberX stroke controlled by their movements (in real time).

“Play with each other on video chat and feel what your seeing”

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