Double Rings Design for Your Extreme pleasure
Tammy has a special double rings which are not like any other products. With the second ring around the balls, Tammy will bring you a whole new intensely stimulating experience.

5 Vibration Modes × 5 Intensities
= 25 Sensations
Tammy has a super powerful build in motor which allows you to enjoy 5 different vibration modes in 5 different levels of intensity. Tammy will bring you 25 different sensations of stimulation.

Textured Pad Designed to Enhance your Pleasure
Body-safe silicone textured pad designed for enhanced clitoral stimulation during sex. The textured pad of Tammy focuses on massaging and touching the clitoris to bring your partner the greatest pleasure and happiness.

Specially Designed For Couples
Tammy possesses the ability to prolong a man’s stamina and stimulates a woman’s external erogenous zone at the same time. His special double ring design along with the perfect angle to stimulate the clitoris makes the experience amazingly sensual.

Splash-waterproof Design
Splash-waterproof design, easy to clean. When cleaning the product, it is recommended that the silicone part can be cleaned with water, the metal part can only be wiped.

Rechargeable battery
30 mins of charging brings 60 mins of Pleasure.

Environmentally Friendly Material
Tammy is made of environmentally friendly silicone. All SVAKOM products have passed the strictest test and have reachedthe highest standards before launching.

– Company Name: SVAKOM design USA limited
– Material: ABS + Body-safe silicone
– size: 80*42*51.6mm
– Inner diameter of large circle: 48mm
– Inner diameter of small circle: 28mm
– Weight: 40g
– Battery Type: Polymer lithium battery
– Battery Capacity: 100mAh
– Charging Time: 0.5h-0.8h
– Using Time: 0.8-1h
– Water Repellency: Waterproof
– Vibrate Modes: 5
– Intensities: 5

Κωδικός προϊόντος: E26689 Κατηγορία:


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