Immerse yourself in erotic exploration and satisfy BDSM desires with our luxurious large leather flogger. Expertly crafted using the finest leather and highest-quality suede, this whip adds multifaceted thrills to your S&M adventures.

Tease your sub’s sensitive skin with the soft, trailing suede fronds for a slow build in anticipation, and take full swing for full-body tingles when you’re both warmed up. The rigid handle with wrist loop ensures each swing is confident and precise for optimum pleasure.

You’ll adore the thrilling repertoire of spanking techniques and sensations you can achieve with this opulent cat o’ nine tails. Its deep chocolate colour and solid braided handle enhance its beauty and erotic allure to ensure every sense is satisfied.

Revel in the sheer quality of this impact toy, from the branded drawstring storage bag, to the discreetly embossed Coco de Mer logo on the handle. We’ve even included care instructions to ensure your spanker lasts a lifetime.

Coco de Mer’s collection of luxurious bondage pieces offer both visual and tactile delights to inspire exploration, excitement and enjoyment. Crafted from sumptuous cow hide, butter soft lamb’s leather, plush suede and strong brass hardware, each item has been created for unbridled eroticism after dark.

Dimensions: 47 x 15 x 5 cm

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