As you know Stoya Destroya sensation, the Fleshlight that replicates Stoya Vagina, is the best seller sleeve since forever in Fleshlight. For that, we’re very happy to introduce finally the new Stoya butt sensation Epic. You’ve waited a long time to feel the pleasure that the one and only Stoya’s butt could deliver.

Introducing her custom, one of a kind anal sex toy aptly called Epic.The sensation and texture of the Stoya Epic sleeve is nothing short of phenomenal. Designed to mimic her tight, supple derriere and deliver an all-encompassing orgasm, if you close your eyes, you will not know the difference between your Stoya Fleshlight and reality. An Epic adventure awaits you.

As Stoya said I encourage you to take my Fleshlight home because it has a much better attitude than I do. Stoya is famed for her assertiveness and confidence that just might break you but in the best way. Keep this in mind when you take home her molded orifices as your own; she’ll likely be in charge. The brunette beauty is as natural as she is enigmatic, meaning zero bullshit.

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