Miamaxx, is an award winning design created for male and female pleasure seekers who want that ultra sexual experience.

The Miamaxx thrusting vibe is the original award winning designer-toy.
With its unique attributes, Miamaxx is not only versatile, but a stand-out in elegant hand-held pleasure tech.
This new version of Miamaxx comes with a remote controlled interface, so now you can have fun completely hands free.

Thrusting vibes are a new generation of powerful hand-held pleasure machines with the Miamaxx thruster at the forefront.
This is because it has an array of inter-changeable sleeves and an ability to mimic the thrusting motion of a tireless partner.

The thrust motions of Miamaxx are long 7,5 cm and are strong and steady. With 3 different thrust speeds and 7 vibration patterns the sensations of an adventurous partner will make you want to experiment more.

The vibration patterns are varied and can be sequenced easily by a single press of the vibe button. Just press again until the desired mode is reached.
Both vibe and thrust mode can be operational at the same time or stopped by holding down 1 button for 3 seconds.
These choices are in the operational manual.

Miamaxx was designed for all types of play. Men, women, couples and groups can enjoy the powerful thrusts and vibe patterns, and because Miamaxx is hand-held, it can be used in any position you desire.

5 in 1 feature
Miamaxx has a feature where you can simply twist and unclip the regular sleeve or head shape tip and replace it with an entirely different shape.
At the moment there are 5 on offer so there’s no need to purchase a whole new toy, simply click on another for a new sensation.

Miamaxx has a curved handle, so easy to grip if your hands are slippery. It also allows for line of sight to the control buttons if you are playing solo without a suction floor stand.

Miamaxx is made from silky smooth medical grade silicon and comes in deep purple or rich ebony black.

Main features:
– New remote control interface
– Led display showing functions
– Body length closed: 28 cm
– Body length extended: 35 cm
– Stroke length: 7,5 cm
– 7 vibration patterns
– 3 thrust speeds
– Able to change sleeve shape and design
– Easy to read button interface
– Rechargeable lithium ion battery
– Made from silky smooth body-safe silicon
– Top Australian design award

– Run time continuous: 1 hour
– Charge time: 2,5 hours
– Can push up to 3 kg NF
– Other additions are a suction floor/wall stand
– A variety of twist clip-on sleeves
– Sleeve dimensions length (approx): 14 cm
– Sleeve dimensions width (approx): 3,6 cm

Accessories in packaging:
– Soft storage pouch
– 1 USB cable
– 1 Remote control
Instruction manual/warranty

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