You have never seen Germany’s most famous erotic model like this before! With the Mystim Opus Mica you can feel first-hand how incredibly good Micaela Schäfer feels. Because this sex toy is a real-life impression of her delightful intimate area. Unveiled she shows that she truly has it in her. A real revelation for your deep love – again and again.

After all, Micaela Schäfer is not only Germany’s best known, but also the most versatile erotic model. The 35-year-old is also a successful singer, actress, DJane, entertainer and presenter. Micaela can be found at erotic fairs, at wild parties, on mainstream TV (Germany’s Next Topmodel, Get the Fuck out of my House, I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! and on the celebrity pages of the popular press. In German-speaking countries you will have a hard time finding someone who doesn’t know her.

All you need is some lubricant like Mystim’s Bonnie & Glide and off you go. By adjusting the air slide, you can regulate yourself how hard Mica’s firm lips are supposed to absorb your penis. You’ll be surprised what an enormous pull she has thanks to this air vent. If you want to make it even tighter, simply squeeze the masturbator a little and it will meet you even more. To make sure that you have more than just a little visual appetizer, you’ll find a poster of the irresistible Micaela included in the package. One look is enough, and your precious member is all ready to go.

The delightful, emotionally intense ride with the hot bunny becomes even more exciting with our optional accessories. The Hot Rod heating element brings the Opus Mica up to full operating temperature and ready for a hot ride. You are up for different positions and don’t want to take things in your own hands? Then your best choice is the Captain Hook wall mount. Fastened to a smooth surface and docked with the masturbator, you are then ready for hands-free boarding and heading for the narrow strait!

Cleaning & Care
All parts can be thoroughly cleaned with water and a mild soap. Before putting the Opus E back together or using it again, you should allow it to dry completely. A skin-friendly disinfectant is a good idea at regular intervals. To maintain the velvety feeling of your Opus Mica for a long time, always use a special care powder such as our Virgin Wonder.

Technical details:
– Type: Masturbator
– Length Masturbator: 22 cm
– Diameter Masturbator: 8,4 cm
– Length Sleeve: 18,9 cm
– Diameter Sleeve: ca. 1,0 -2,8 cm
– Total insertable length (in erect form): 17 cm
– Sealing cap
– Material: ABS, thermoplastic elastomer
– Colour of box: black
– Colour of sleeve: skin tone

Scope of supply:
– 1 Sleeve with the original vagina by Micaela Schäfer
– 1 box with air valve and squeeze area
– instructions
– 1 Poster

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