Unbelievably gorgeous and seductive. It will enlace your body with perfectly delicate lace and playful strips – from your neckline down to derriere. Meet Frivolla set! Four admirable items are coming to you with their special charm. Totally unique design with coquettish lace belt will let you be a sexy temptress. So? Get it, put on and have an exciting time!

Here’s what you can get:
– amazing, 4pcs set
– delicate, lace bra – subtle breasts look
– bra with adjustable closure and regulated straps – easy to fit
– eye-catching combination of elastic strips with visual regulation on the neckline
– lace belt with vertical boning and adjustable closure – sexy waist!
– easily regulated garter belt with coquettish strip around hips area
– lace thong included
– stockings not included
– soft, stretchable materials (90% polyamide, 10% elastane)

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