Do you like really beautiful sets of sexy lingerie? This is one of them! Sensual lace and unique adornments which look like elegant jewelry – they will steal your heart! And there are many amazing nights ahead of you. Get this fabulous set, add tempting stockings and… discover new experiences with your lover! Heartina set promises that you’ll feel fantastic…

Wanna know more? Check this out:
– absolutely stunning, black set
– underwire, lace bra – bust looks amazing
– adjustable straps and garters plus three multistage closures – perfect fitting guaranteed
– garter belt with tempting, lace strap – hips are emphasized and look very sexy!
– charming bows and eye-catching hearts made of shiny jewels (NickelFree)
– this set consists of bra, garter belt and thong
– stockings not included
– nice and elastic fabrics (85% polyamide, 15% elastane)

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